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Senin, 22 Februari 2010

Modern Bedroom Design Collerction with its Furniture and Lighting System

Designing and decorating a bedroom is an exciting job, a modern bedroom need a special arrangement such as color, lighting and the bedroom furniture, here are several gallery of modern bedroom decorating. The first picture describe you how to arrange the bedroom furniture include bedroom cabinet, wardrobe and all the furniture that use a similar color and material. The white color of bed cover and wall, the natural lighting system from the window, and the decoration of the bedroom.

This is the sample of arranging a small bedroom, it doesn't need a big wardrobe or bedroom cabinet, just use the simple high wardrobe. Use multi-bed in order to maximize the size of the bedroom, this picture describe you the best small bedroom arrangement. Don't forget to decorate this small bedroom with a simple decoration only, and give a sufficient lighting system and bright color.

Decorating teen bedroom is always be an interesting project, teen are unique, so they need an unique bedroom color and decoration too. Pink color, small and funny room decorating are the best.

A cultural bedroom accessories such as European, Japanese, Italian, etc. can bring us to the atmosphere of romantic and traditional sense of special culture.


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