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Jumat, 15 April 2011

Wood Living Room Furniture

Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

Where do friends and family spend the most of their time at your house? In the living room, of course! That is why you need to pick out living room furniture that helps create an atmosphere with purpose, comfort and convenience. So before you go buy that gorgeous sofa that fits perfectly into a corner of the room, make sure it is compatible with your vision.

When you've decided it is time to redecorate your living room, pause for a second. Do not pick up a living room furniture catalogue or head to the store to weigh up your options. This is a frequent mistake. Your first task needs to be establishing the dimensions and getting a feel for the room itself. How big is it? How much furniture can you fit into it without crowding the place?

Secondly, decide what you want the focal point to be. In other words, you will eventually need to set up your living room furniture in such a way that it focuses on something specific. This could be the television, the fireplace, the coffee table or anything else you would rather have your guests examining. All your living room furniture should benefit and support this plan. So don't go adding a random antique rocking chair to the room if it ignores the focal point. It will likely detract from the environment.

Pay attention to the traffic scheme as well. You do not want to place a reclining chair right in the walking lane that goes between the front door and the dining room. Then it becomes an obstacle rather than a well-placed piece of living room furniture. It must serve the intended purpose without becoming an inconvenience to those moving in and out. Also on the topic of intended purpose, think of what you will be using your living room for. It can be a space to unwind and watch television but it can also be employed as work or play space. Those details may affect your plan.

The colour of the walls is another important factor in your living room decorating decisions. If they are white or another neutral colour you will have a lot of freedom to choose the colour of all the living room furniture. On the other hand, if the walls are dark green you will be much more limited in what you can pick out that goes with that colour and shade. Consider repainting the room if it is really unmanageable. You will be glad you did.

The next thing to do is decide what your style is. Leather and fabric are popular when it comes to chairs and sofas, but you probably won't want to use both in the room. Your living room furniture needs to be compatible with your focal point, yes, but it also needs to be compatible with itself. Of that furniture, you may want to think about the sofa first. It is often the largest and most influential piece in the room. Once you decide on a sofa picking out chairs, loveseats and stools becomes much less of a hassle.

If you can accommodate it, aim to have enough living room furniture to seat six people comfortably. Now that you have an idea of where to start, go and create your vision!

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